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Commanding Your Care is a senior care consultancy company in Southeast Florida. We offer a range of personalized, high-quality, local services designed to alleviate the guess work and stress associated with identifying the appropriate senior care services for solo agers and family caregivers. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life and overall well-being for seniors, reduce caregiver stress, and give families peace of mind. To this end, we offer the following services:

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Senior Living Referral and Placement Services

Are you concerned that your loved one can no longer safely live at home alone? Do you need assistance with locating living arrangements for your loved one that is appropriate and affordable?

We will work with you and your loved to determine whether your loved one should move to higher level of care. Based on health and safety needs, desired location, lifestyle, amenities, and budget, we will evaluate possible moving sites, including:

    • Assisted Living
    • Independent Living
    • Memory Care
    • Limited Nursing Facilities

We will provide you with recommendations and arrange and accompany you on facility tours. You choose which facility is right for you or your loved one. We maintain communication with you and the facility representative throughout the process. After the move, we visit and assess you or your loved one at the facility to help with the transition.

Our Senior Living Referral and Placement Services are NO COST to you. Facilities that we are affiliated with pay us, so we are able to offer this service FREE to families.

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Geriatric Assessment

We will conduct a comprehensive geriatric assessment at the client’s home to evaluate the client’s physical, mental, and psychosocial status, to identify issues the client may be experiencing. An individualized geriatric care plan, including a plan of action with recommendations based on the assessments, will be developed to improve the client’s safety and quality of life.

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Basic Care Management

This service is designed to assist older adults and their family caregivers solve problems related to their care and socialization. Our dedicated and compassionate care managers meet with clients and/or their family caregivers in-person or virtually to discuss issues they are encountering. We assess their needs and develop care plans to solve the problems. We assist with implementing the care plan and provide on-going monitoring.

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Personal Care Plus

Our Personal Care Plus service is for the independent older adult who is aging at home alone. Maybe it is time to start proactively planning for unforeseen health challenges. How does having a dedicated and compassionate care manager who serves as a “surrogate” family member sound? With our Personal Care Plus service, one of our dedicated and compassionate care managers will assess your condition and living environment and develop a care plan that includes non-medical services to assist you with daily living tasks and/or household chores. A care manager will visit in person at least once a month, assisting with:

  • hiring and supervising personal care assistants,
  • scheduling appointments,
  • sending emails and making telephone calls
  • accompanying you to the doctor,
  • advocating on your behalf,
  • consulting with your physicians, attorneys, public agencies, family representatives, and others
    Our goal is to assist you with maintaining the best possible quality of life while providing you with support during emergencies and answer your questions if you have concerns.

If you are hospitalized, we will visit you within 24 hours of discharge to assess the implementation of a new care plan post-discharge.

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Care Management Plus

Does your loved one have a chronic health condition that requires extensive daily care? Are they faced with the possibility of having to move to a long-term care facility?

You can count on our compassionate and dedicated care managers to listen and work with you to help your loved one remain at home, as long as possible, in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Our Care Management Plus service is for clients who need a minimum of 8 hours of daily care. We will assess the home environment to determine if in-home home repairs are needed to ensure a safe living environment. If needed, we recommend and assist with scheduling required home repairs and services. In addition, we assist with screening, hiring, and supervising the care staff needed to safely keep your loved ones at home.

A care manager will also accompany your loved one to doctor visits and maintain open communication with a designated family member.

Care Management Plus service includes weekly or monthly visits by a care manager to ensure that services are being delivered as scheduled, and your loved one’s needs are being met.

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Home from the Hospital

Hospital discharges can be overwhelming.

Our care managers will assist your loved one with medication review, ensure that prescriptions are filled, follow up with durable medical equipment companies to ensure that equipment and supplies are delivered timely, make follow-up appointments with physicians, manage referrals to specialists, therapists, home care agencies, and assist with identifying available community services.

For as long as your loved one needs our services, we will be there to provide guidance and support.

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Elder Care Mediation

We assist with resolving family conflict. We will work with your family to resolve disputes that may negatively impact the care of your aging loved one. We help you find solutions that focus on the care, overall well-being, and quality of life for your loved one.

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